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"V/A - Evolutive Perceptions"


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Artist: Various

Title: Evolutive Perceptions

Label: Goa Madness Records

Date: November, 2015


1. Omnivox - A Part of Change

2. Space Elves - Bitter and Twisted

3. Asmik - Shimmering Onexta

4. Ohm Mind & Proxeeus - Shiva Awakens

5. Jaraluca - Illumination

6. Arcane Voice - Infinite Amount of Energy

7. Cosmic Dimension - The Dark Matter

8. Nova Fractal & E-mantra - Butterfly Effect

9. Ephedra - Winter Breaker





"My little parties wouldn't be the same without you!"


"Man...he's acting like a maniac.  What did he take?"


"Nothing, he just asked for a Fresca."


I used to love to go to parties.  Get smashed out of my mind and dance with any lady of the moment hoping to have a story to tell the next day.  What a pig I was.  Goa Madness is a label that as of yet hasn't had that many releases, but each release has been marked by quality.  No exception here.  This album is over a year old and deserves it's own review thread.  It's melodic and entrancing with names you know and a few you don't.  Some of the tracks are lush and atmospheric and most have nimble cat-quick leads that move as if on hot coals.  Standouts include the floating A Part of Change by Omnivox and the thick and chunky blaster Illumination by Jaraluca.  The latter comes at you in waves and the 2nd half is scorching.  The Dark Matter is another take no prisoners rocker while the Nova Fractal / E-mantra collaboration was a little disappointing.  Good track, but when you put two heavyweights like them together I expected more sparks.   


I enjoyed this compilation as it contained zero filler.  Nothing groundbreaking (what is these days?) just solid goa trance.  Overall another great release by this label and worth a spot in your collection.





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Very very solid compilation. It's so solid I'm a little surprised I can't consider it an essential, yet at least. The general sound is unfortunately a bit samey throughout and I found a few fillers, but the one's that are not(which is most), are really good.


Edit: Pretty much half of this album is fantastic. Asmik, Ohm Mind & Proxeeus, Jaraluca, Arcane Voice and Ephedra are stellar tracks.

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