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Universcience - Sonic Mandalas


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Artist: Universcience

Title: Sonic Mandalas

Label: Sangoma Records

Date: September, 2015


1. Goat FIxie

2. Karelia

3. Alone Celebration

4. Base Boss

5. Nasca

6. Quantum Gravity

7. Sonic Mandalas

8. Laksmi

9. Vishudha

10. Nothing Special

11. Mahamantra

12. Katarina


The glory days of South African psytrance are in the rear view mirror unfortunately, but like a phoenix from the ashes Sangoma aims to pick up and carry on. Their sound is different than Timecode; darker and oftentimes heavy with a forest edge. Universcience is Bogdanov Sergey and he was kind enough to release his early work for free. With so many releases that seem to come out everyday it can be tough to get noticed and attract ears. You have to stand out and for me this doesn't. I find it boring in a lot of places with nary a jaw dropping moment. Quantum Gravity had some heft to it and ironically Nothing Special was at least a little special.


I keep waiting for Sangoma to take that step into greatness, but it hasn't happened yet.



Sangoma Bandcamp Name Your Price

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