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Shamanic Tribes On Acid - Acid Apocalypse


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Artist: Shamanic Tribes On Acid

Title: Acid Apocalypse

Label: Kinetix Recordings

Date: 1997


1. Acid Medusa

2. Exploding Psychedelic Rainbow

3. Fulfil Your Destiny

4. Aliens Love To Talk

5. The Mad Hatters Acid Tea Party

6. Omnifarious Splifferous

7. Drugged To The Eyeballs

8. Bass Ritual

9. Extraterrestrial Lover

10. Apache Trance

11. No Armageddon






Noisy. Repetitive. Destructive. This isn't an album it's a f*cking toddler. I reviewed The Mad Hatters Acid Tea Party and Future World and came to the conclusion that they were both really sh*tty albums. Add this to those and you have a perfect storm of annoyance. Musically this is just a earache generating disaster. The production is flimsy and you'll find more soothing melodies at a Slayer concert. This isn't music that you play to enjoy. This is music you play to get terrorists to submit. Or the soundtrack to revenge porn against your girlfriend. Hard trance, acid, goa...it all falls under the same headache umbrella. Does this album come with a Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara handy? Cause it's the only way you'll get me to listen to it again.


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