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"V/A - Amaterasu"


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Artist: Various (though it's really Filipe Santos and Christina which I believe to be his wife)

Title: Amaterasu

Label: Submoon Records

Date: May, 2015


1. Gankyil - Temujin

2. Amen Re - Resyche

3. Jonni Dongju - Li-on Sahvanne

4. Shousan - Shousan

5. Tanzaku - Tanabata

6. Mana Source - Samurai

7. Uchiwa - Godai

8. Gankyil - Dhyani





C'mon, are these even real people? Jonni Dongju? Someone was balls deep in some quality porn viewing. You know at this point I couldn't care less. Unless you've lived under a rock Submoon Records is the new baby of Filipe Santos and these tracks sit squarely in his wheelhouse. Big beats with layers of goa melody trickling over each other vying for attention.


And damnit I love it. It's excellent. Standout moment? On Li-On Savanne where he's channeling his inner Bypass Unit and that bubbling 303 creates a magical feeling. Almost reached for a cigarette.


People are going to be in two camps when it comes to Filipe and his endless projects. Either they hate him and won't give his music the time of day due to past...ugliness or they'll take the music at face value and have a great f*cking time. I chose the latter (probably because he has never directed his rage in my direction). His talent cannot be questioned when it comes to making goa trance. This "compilation" is full of fast paced energetic goa trance. Melodies swirl and force the listener into involuntary twirling. There's no suspense or build up. He knows one way and one way only here and he attempts to cram it down your throat. And by God you will reach Goa Nirvana!


There is a lot of drama surrounding Mr. Santos, but that is not my concern. If you hate the guy then you probably aren't reading this anyway. My job as a reviewer is to listen to the music and give my opinion. It's up to the reader whether they want to fork over their hard earned cash for these tunes. Musically this is an excellent addition any goa collection. Yes it's a CD-r, but so was Goa Gate and have you seen how much people wanted to shake you down for that?


Not gonna be me son.


Submoon Bandcamp

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Not sure why he does what he does. But in the end neither he nor his fans are benefited. Only the opportunistic dudes over there at Discogs who were smart enough to predict this shit will add few dollars to their wallet.


Music wise 4/5

Accessibility wise 0/5


If he is serious about this shit, he really needs to focus on music and leave the management to someone else. Or else it's a lost cause.

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