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Necton - Retrodelica

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Artist: Necton

Title: Retrodelica

Label: Ovnimoon Records

Date: September, 2013


1. Vibrations

2. Distorted Reality

3. Intruders

4. My Generation

5. Rollercoaster

6. 303 Smaragd

7. Slideglider

8. Artificial Amateurs

9. Back To Normal

10. Vi Ger Oss Inte




"You're gonna be so tired of winning, I'll tell you that!"


Why must my country continue to embarrass itself? We've finally found the one export with which we rule the world...humiliation.


From the label that puts out music like Trump does insults this is a collection of tracks that were previously available for free download (don't ask me where) from a guy that has been around awhile. Formerly a duo now the solo project of Patrik Olsen this compilation (according to Discogs) is a full-on one trick pony. If you're looking for story telling pick up a book. It's straight ahead full-on with an aggressive edge, employing 303s and good grooves. And I'll tell you that sentence makes it sound better than it is. No twists or turns just four on the floor stuff. However when he uses his mighty 303 powers it is to good effect. I don't know how old these tracks are and it doesn't sound like the stuff we're used to hearing from Ovnimoon. This album feels like it could've been better with some more time in the oven.


Not Trumps oven mind you. That's full of Mexicans and Muslims. Sig heil!





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