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"V/A - The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life"

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Artist: Various

Title: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life

Label: Sangoma Records

Date: November, 2013


1. Entropy - Hamakor

2. Parus - Vremia

3. Antagon Vs. Ectogasmics - Degradation

4. Sunchild - Think In Tongues

5. Dragon - Flower of Life

6. Mubali - Entering the Neuron Community

7. Fractal Cowboys - Fluid of Life

8. Arjuna Vs. Deepbrianfrombosis - Fractacality

9. Primordial - Time Lord

10. We Are Noise - Acid Milk For All

11. Neesha - Great Ride


"There are certain things we can do to become super human."





The sexy lady tree will tell you the secret is all in the hips. Anyone else think this gif is a little...sinister?


Sangoma is like the foresty darkpsy little brother of the older and well established Timecode Records. I absolutely loved almost everything that Timecode released so I'm hoping that Sangoma will continue the tradition. My first experience with them however was with Gaspard's ode to naptime Seems Legit.


It wasn't legit. So not legit that I quit. Hammer shoutout!


But hey that's why pencils have erasers right? This compilation is my second go round with Sangoma and I have to tell you...bring a f*cking flashlight. This is dark. Seriously so. Thumping bass lines and kicks rumble menacingly below swampy bubbling. If you're a fan of the Timecode sound this may take some getting used to. While the night time psy from Timecode was also dark there were always melodies that would carry you above the fray. This sound is more psychedelic forest and aggressive. Perhaps it's the logical evolution of darkpsy. It's a hallucinatory journey where sounds are stacked like dead bodies and the mood is decidedly...evil. Metallic leads sound like the dragging of relics across concrete. It's loud and a lush cacophony of sound that requires multiple listens to truly appreciate. Some tracks are horror movie ready and most are a twisting concourse into the mouth of madness. Heavy stuff if you decide to listen in one go. I'm not sure where I stand yet, but I certainly cannot stop listening to it.


Sangoma Bandcamp





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