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Prosper - The Speed of Sound


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Artist: Prosper

Title: The Speed of Sound

Label: Joof Recordings

Date: October, 2007


1. Atlantis

2. Falls & Rises

3. Future Perfect

4. Nights of Belgra

5. None of Those

6. On The Run

7. On Wheels

8. Purple Fish

9. Untitled Dreams

10. Zero Tolerance





Merry Christmas b*tches.


Man I wanted to dump all over this thing. So badly. Jokes were coming to me while I wasn't even thinking about music. But I couldn't.


Well...maybe a little.


First off this is the third album from Serbian Nikola Vujnovic and it is a digital release. How to describe...a mix of progressive and psy with a little euphoria sprinkled over the top like the sweet confection it is. Think of full-on crack. There is nothing psychedelic about this. You'll find more psychedelia in a Teletubbies episode. It's commercial sounding and cheesy at times. When f*cknut said he was going for the music I almost lost it. Of course you are dinkus, we all are. We just don't feel the need to say it. You're play by play was wholly unnecessary.


That said you will find some ass wiggling tracks here. It's fairly strong on groove. Also some of the tracks began as simple full-on yet continued to develop. This is music that you listen to at the club when you're smashed out of your gourd and think it's the most awesome music that you have ever heard. Loud and shiny you never want the night to end.


But then comes the hangover and you can't believe you did that last night.




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