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Opale - Anaconda's Dance


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Artist: Opale

Title: Anaconda's Dance

Label: DAT Records

Date: December, 2015


1. Anaconda's Dance

2. Kundun

3. Twister Sound 303

4. Hackers





Is it possible to love a label more than DAT Records right now? Like the rest of you it was Christmas, Han...Chanu...Kwanzaa all rolled into one when my brand new copies of the Pleiadians arrived. It's been a long time coming, but the piece de resistance was finally realized. The biggest question I had was how is DAT going to top this? IFO is arguably one of the greatest goa trance albums of all time and the 3 CD version from DAT? Well I don't mind telling you that I may be a little bit gay for Draeke right about now. Now I ordered the two EP's that were ready at the same time because there was no extra shipping and I also wanted to support a label that has given so much. Didn't really know who they were or give much thought to it.


Like Tom up there I think I'm in love.


Opale is Greg Bailay from France and was apparently a music producer in the mid 90's. This music was made in the early days of goa trance, but you would never know from the sound quality. According to Draeke the mastering was so good they just left it as is. Remarkable. And the music...twisting melodies and leads scream through filtered strangulation. Anaconda's Dance opens things up with shimmering melodies and cochlear popping leads. Kundun builds the tension until the last moment while the 303 gasps for air. Twister Sound 303 has the full throated madness that sounds like Daimon's Codex from Suntrip's Temple of Chaos, but with more layers. There's a weird part near the end when it sounds like a new track sprung out of the mix. Don't mind it, but it's really noticeable. The last track Hackers is another rapid whirlwind of melodies full of fury.


It's a great EP from an unknown artist from back in the day. Perfect for those who love their goa trance to be of the storming variety. I hope he is still producing goa trance so that we might see a full album one day. So...don't worry about your Pleiadians hangover. Your boy Draeke has the remedy.


DAT Records





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Very nice, purchased the EP.But the sound quality on this is quite mediocre , very apparent when you play it on a good system.But the quality of music makes up for the poor quality of sound.

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