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desperate in need of help. Good clues are available


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Hey guys. I do not know how to begin this request. I have once in a while in the last few years searching and searching, both google and youtube for this dope tune i heard a while back



Artist called himself/theirself or of course herself, something similar to Hyptothetika/Hypthetika/Hyptotika. Track is called ''For the oceans'' i am pretty sure


it would be categorized as being somewhat Progressive Trance as i recall



Help with the exact title of the track and artist would be deeply appreciated. I am really hoping somebody knows exactly what track i am searching for



Kindest regards,

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Yes, that is exactly the track i was looking for



Can anybody tell me what genre what this track be categorized at? I would love to find other tracks that might provide the same vibe/feeling




Gees, i've just been searching for too long man. Thank you a lot for the help

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