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Flying Woofer is back with new tasty treats from outerspace! This time the Woofa is buzzing with psybient frequencies that instantly beam up anyone who comes under it’s area of exposure. Collected by Technoid Mutant and Olivaw’s Twist, this ambient music compilation contains 13 masterpieces that will instantly zone you out into lost galaxies.



01 – Arbres – The Enter
02 – Artyom Slon – Morning is Here
03 – Dumbgrass – Morning Dream
04 – Olivaw’s Twist – Ergosphere
05 – Quanthe & Sobrio – Baikal
06 – Record Needle Injection – Far Reach
07 – Technoid Mutant – Love With My Goddess
08 – For Lunar Dust – Windup Toy
09 – Technoid Mutant – Illusion
10 – Used Alien Mind – Man Captures String
11 – Used Alien Mind – The Fabric Of Society Is Ripping
12 – Vast Veil – Drifting
13 – Way Of Light – Plojenec

Download full ambient compilation in WAV / Mp3

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