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Indra's Billiards - space goa set

Blair Thaumic

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Returning from the void with a set of warm, spacy, moody goa. Carom through the cosmos on a mission to the galactic core, hitting some lesser known spheres of trance along the way. Featuring tracks by Juno Reactor, Mathuresh, Rainbow Spirit, Green House Effect, Vaporum, Controlled Fusion, OVNI, Youth, Aeternum, Ubar Tmar, Klinik, The Infonaut, Mr. Beam, and Digital Sun.


Edit: Now with slightly less shit mixing! https://bringthatbeachback.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/indras-billiards/

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More about this set:


I wanted to use tracks that conveyed a sense of deep space, rather than the usual dark/light or acidic/melodic dichotomies. Some had no outro whatsoever (they just stopped!) and it took a while to figure out how to mix those. I don't usually like to cross fade, and not a single track here is cross faded; in all cases, I let them play out and tried to find something to pair that with. Also, I've never heard any of these tracks in another DJ set. I'm more of a selector than a DJ, but I hope people will give this mix a chance.





Juno Reactor - (Alash) When I Graze My Beautiful Sheep
Controlled Fusion - Psychological Way
Klinik - On Silk Roads To The East
Green House Effect - Everlasting Sun
Mathuresh - Vaikuntha Planets
Digital Sun - Morning Glory
Rainbow Spirit - Wavin Electronic
Mr. Beam - Levitation
Aeternum - Translucent
The Infonaut - Mind Directed Energy
Vaporum - Xtaz
OVNI - Neology
White Dent - Neinstein
Uni - Spotted Mesa (Ubar Tmar remix)


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