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Trans-Lucid - Dream Dust

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Artist: Trans-Lucid

Title: Dream Dust

Label: Aquarius

Date: February, 1997


1. Funkee People

2. Burning Dancefloor

3. A Fistfull of Blotters

4. Web Juice

5. Detroit One

6. Eye Time

7. Invaders

8. Square Trance

9. Ram It In




Skeptical dog is not amused.


I recall a statement made on this forum a long while ago by someone saying that there were no undiscovered gems from the golden age of goa. Because I missed it the first time around, I didn't pay much attention and kept turning over every rock in the hopes of finding that shiny diamond to add to my collection.


This is not a diamond. More of a...rock that was left over from Charlie Brown's Halloween. It lacks complexity that one would find in say an Etnica or BPC, but that's ok because there is a reason those acts are some of the greatest of all time. This has more of a minimal vibe with goa trance elements thrown in. Their debut self-titled album was a chore to get through (think of cleaning the toilets of Taco Bell for eternity), but the one thing I will say is that the production here is much improved. The kick has punch and the bass work is nice and plucky, but the tracks on a whole don't have much staying power. I liked Detroit One with it's fat bass and electro style, but that was really it.





"I got Etnica!"


"Me too!"


"I got Dimension 5! What'd you get Charlie Brown?"


"I got Trans-Lucid's 2nd album."


"Man that sucks...you should throw that sh*t back. And then cut up his family and burn the house down."





And thus began a string of serial killings that everyone saw coming, but did nothing to stop. Cause that b*tch Lucy had it coming.


Funny. I've never actually seen a football shoved up someone's rectum. Horrifying.

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