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"V/A - Genetic Drift"


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Artist: Various

Title: Genetic Drift

Label: Iono Music

Date: July, 2009


1. Marco & Cadmium - Intergalactic Paradise

2. Motion Drive - Dream Catcher

3. Odiseo Vs. Jiser - Good Things

4. Aqualize - Land of 2 Suns

5. Audioload - Planet of the Crossing

6. Gaudium - One (Suntree Remix)

7. Ritree - Disk On Kick

8. Egorythmia - Past Future Present

9. Invisible Reality - High To The Sky


Man I'm switching gears like a Rally car driver. Iono Music is a label that I will always have some fondness for. Like that young woman who let me fumble over her boobies that summer of my 14th birthday. Before goa trance releases were a monthly occurrence, the progressive sounds of this label kept me in the music. Their drifting style with nod your head goodness was head and shoulders above the rest of the progressive stuff out there. Six years on you can tell the high level of skill these producers have. It doesn't sound dated in the least with great atmospheres and good times. Quality dreaming music that feels lush and will whisk away the time. All the tracks sound very similar and you'll find that galloping bassline, but if that doesn't bother you then this will be worth your time.



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