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1. The Call -07:56-

2. Shyvaya -06:52-

3. Incantation -09:02-

4. Tribes of Libalayera -09:40-

5. Meditation -06:32-



Shaman looks like to be the most recent release of Hakkah, a project transmitting from the forests of Bordeux and lying hidden in the underground of psytrance since a few years.

Pure goa trance with old school progressive and tribal feeling is the content of this extended maxi ep (or mini LP).

The music is very evocative and well-produced, mostly midtempo yet powerful. If i can describe this with few words, it's chilling, deep, driving, tribal, colourfull & lightful in a sober manner. Listening to these wonderfull cuts makes the time disappear.
If i can draw lines that would be for sure with the old school sound of X-Dream, and hints of Laughing Buddha, Moksha, Medicine Drum.

One of the best releases of the last years and i wonder if it has gone unoticed or underrated.

Unfortunately, this is only a web release and it deserves to be physically pressed for sure.

Totally recommended.

This was available through the Ektoplazm platform few months ago, but for some reason not anymore.
--> Bandcamp

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