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Drumatik - Illegal Space Activities Reloaded


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Illegal Space Activities Reloaded

Temple Twisters Records



1. Cosmic Prayer - Drumatik & Airi

2. Time Out (Edit 2014)

3. Magic Tragic (Remix)

4. Tranceformers (Edit 2014)

5. Great Escape (Edit 2014) - Drumatik & Airi

6. Scary Doors - Drumatik & Airi

7. Mirage (Edit 2014)

8. Lost In Storms (Edit 2014) - Drumatik & Atomental

9. Illegal Space Activities (Edit 2014)

10. Restricted Area (Edit 2014)

11. Inner Activities - Drumatik & Airi


From what I have been able to gather, "Illegal Space Activities" was originally released in 2013, tweaked & edited in 2014 and now re-released here for 2015.


I'm not sure of the back story, if Drumatik was not pleased with the original (although that version does sound very good this "Reloaded" edition does sound better, much more space in the songs, all the layers aren't bunched together here,) or maybe he felt it deserved more attention than it initially received.


Whatever it is, this version of "Illegal Space Activities" is fantastic! It comes with two tracks not available on the original (three if you're fortunate enough to get the version that contains song 12 "Go With The Flow (Edit 2014)." Don't miss it if possible!) and for many of these moments, as promised with that awesome and imaginative cover art, it is a wicked full-on and twilight romp through the outer limits.


There are no tracks here that are instant classics, nothing that you will likely recall the morning after, but while it is going you cannot hope for much better. If boiling energy and full-on intensity are attractive traits than do not look beyond Drumatik & Airi's stellar pairing on "Scary Doors" and "Inner Activities."


Too, Airi makes a great co-producing appearance on the wicked good full-on opener, "Cosmic Prayer." That track is the best one here and solid proof that when Drumatik & Airi get their heads together magic happens more often than not. (Though that "not" part does occur on "Great Escape," one of a couple of mid-album tracks that feel less than the rest.)


From tracks one through four you are provided with some stellar full-on. You get the great "Scary Doors" nestled between two not-so-great tracks right there in the middle but beginning with Drumatik's pairing with Atomental on "Lost In Storms" the twilight music is deliciously overwhelming and sends this awesome collection off to its bombastic conclusion.


For fans of full-on and twilight, I highly recommend this one. It's a helluva journey and, apparently, more than a bit illegal in certain parts of the galaxy.




Also check out the review for Drumatik's "Sacred Places" EP released earlier in 2015: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/70111-drumatik-sacred-places/



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