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Artist: Various

Title: Electrosect

Label: Atomic Records

Date: July, 1999


1. Phreaky - Techno Prisoners

2. The Antidote - C3PO

3. Tortured Brain - Metallic

4. Apocalyptic - First It Was A Dream

5. Voodoo People - Baby Blue

6. Tim Schuldt - File Damage

7. EBSG - Take a Ride

8. Cydonia - Anaconda

9. Man With No Name - Equatoria







Nothing. Zippo. Big fat zero. I could not find a single track on this compilation that stuck with me. It's psychedelic trance with a techno spirit and you would think that with artists like Tim Schuldt and Cydonia there would be some engrossing tracks. Something evolving with twists and turns. Alas no. All of the tracks seem to drone on in an endless march towards the end of a cliff. I suppose it's ok for the first 30 seconds, but when you start looking to see how much time is left on each track it's not a good sign.


Keep it moving people, nothing to see here.



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