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In search for Dreamchild - Akashic Dreaming (1999)

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I'm in searh of some mp3's of Dreamchild. This was mp3.com only project that released a CD on mp3.com, called Akashic Dreaming in 1999.




1) Organic Nova

2) Foxglove

3) Digital Mantra

4) System Shock

5) Fractal Amoeba

6) Arcania



I've found some numbers (on youtube and grooveshark), buth i was wondering if any of you had it somewhere in an archive :) I don't know in wich mp3 quality it was released so hopefully someone has some more info for me :)


I think it would be sad if this music was lost...


So hopefully someone is willing to share if they have the mp3's.






ps: Hope this is correct place for this kind of topic

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draeke    311

Search no more! 

It has been officially remastered and released :)!!



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