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Found 2 results

  1. What's the protocol here? 1998 review section or 2019? When I.F.O came out we considered that a 2015 release. Akashic Dreaming has had a remaster yea? Jaroslov's recent work right? No way this sounded so bad ass in 1998. I suppose we can call it a 2019 release then? Same goes for all of Classic Goa Trax and the rest of the Unreleased Goa Records catalogue? Maybe there is a better place to ask this, but 2 birds with one stone is my kinda shtyle, and you can't block my Shtyle. 'HMMMZZZZEEEEER! There was a compliment in there, so I guess part of that was relevant to the conversation. That compliment was there for a reason, this is super funky and well produced Goa that sounds like it lives in 2019. Artist: DreamChild Title: Akashic Dreaming Label: Unreleased Goa Records Date: 8 October 2019 Arcania Organic Nova Systen Shock FoxGlove Digital Mantra Fractal Amoeba Spiritual Flux Manta Ray With an album cover that would make Har-el cry, Unreleased Goa Records presents DreamChild - Akashic Dreaming. We not only have two artists that like diving dolphins, but two major labels dedicated to finding unreleased goodies from a time before the present. Akashic Dreaming is a wonderfully titled title. Each track contains elements of pure trance, Dreamy ambient breaks, exciting climaxes and heavy synths that twist and spin with other melodies. Arcania starts off lovely and sweet before giving us the dancing melodies and sweet ambient breaks. the track goes from light to dark and back again just wonderfully, a real spiritual treat. Organic Nova is so far my listened to track. Super funky, and cool. Yes there is a weak lispy melody does come in at 2:30 but gets made up for 30 seconds later. The rest of the track is a big old hoedown with metallic melodies slut dropping it low, Graceful ambient in a wet t-shirt competition, climaxes of firefighting strippers ripping their protective gear off, bass lines fucking in the cubicle, then the whole track pops a molly that hits right as we all thought the fun was over. Powerful final act. System Shock You would think that Dreamchild wouldn't be able to catch me in dreamy breaks as often as he does but that's exactly what happens. This time only a minute into the track and before I knew it I was blasting out of a smooth tumble dryer filled with warm towels into dance land. A complete anthem that gets me again 3 minutes later. The acts are so huge that you just assume it's all over when the drapes of warm towels are gently placed over you. A lull into safety that you want to always be there, but that's not what this crazy life has planned for you. Back into the dance lands we get sent again and again, a system shock. FoxGlove Only a 16 year old bmx rider would have the right word for this track and it would be 'Rusty':- Bruh! A little more low-key and freaky than what i've heard so far and it works. Dreamchild has great range in music but it all feels distinctly him by the sweet treatment that he gives to those breaks and the growing of a track right to the end. It feels like if he didn't have to wrap his tracks up he wouldn't. Digital Mantra is just incredible digital funk and Mantrafuls of fun, the cyber feel and electric melodies all create quite the show. This track would put Michael-Faraday-the-father-of-electronics-as-told-by-Charles-Ludwig into cardiac arrest. The final act really takes the track to another stage and makes sure that you keep flying upwards, you would think I would be use to this by now but every climax comes with a big beautiful surprise. Possibly the best track here but fuck it they are all good. Fractal Amoeba uses its big fat lead to kick the track right off into dimension 6's synthetic world. As melodic layers pile on onto one another, the track beams forward through the higloops and ding-globs that glitter this landscape, like silken mountains of fin-glum. Sweet ambient background noises manage to find their way back into the track giving us beautiful break after beautiful break. Spiritual Flux has the kind of title that I expect crazy stuff to from. The intro is promising and dark, a different direction, a theme, right from the beginning Spiritual Flux is ticking boxes. Boxes getting ticked all over to be honest. Spiritual Flux stays focused and badass to the end with another big moment in the final act, explosions of dark energy that grow into big bad monsters. Manta Ray brings us back to the light. The beautiful midway break lifts me into a state of mind that Mike Tyson must have felt when he realised he could become a legal grower, and then the climax of that break catches me in the face like a left hook from Tyson in 87. Well shit that wraps it up. the 2019 re-release and remaster? of Akashic Dreaming By Dreamchild. What a damn hecking nice experience each one of these tracks gives you. Thanks to Unreleased Goa Records I now know about a badass producer with an infectious shtoyle thanks to this release. I absolutely love (If you cant tell) the attention to the break that isn't just another nice part of his music but a tool that creates all sorts of emotional changes in your psyche, ambient that somehow transports you to another state while building a climax that I personally didn't see coming each time. What a wonder this would be on a dancefloor. I imagine artists don't just give their tracks away to anybody. Suntrip, DAT Records and any else doing this have built a reputation for themselves as the sort of people that can be trusted to preserve and bring forward albums that otherwise may have been lost in time and hazey LSD memories. I don't care what the Russians are saying on Psymusic.ru this is good work. I have another Non album related inappropriately placed question for Unreleased Goa Records, does any one purchase your album from Beatport? How has that site survived so long? I bought my first album from them the other week and couldn't believe the amount of things I found to bitch about during the process. To me Bandcamp has become synonymous with the Goa scene. Links for both https://unreleasedgoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/akashic-dreaming https://www.beatport.com/release/akashic-dreaming/2746506
  2. Hello, I'm in searh of some mp3's of Dreamchild. This was mp3.com only project that released a CD on mp3.com, called Akashic Dreaming in 1999. Tracklist: 1) Organic Nova 2) Foxglove 3) Digital Mantra 4) System Shock 5) Fractal Amoeba 6) Arcania I've found some numbers (on youtube and grooveshark), buth i was wondering if any of you had it somewhere in an archive I don't know in wich mp3 quality it was released so hopefully someone has some more info for me I think it would be sad if this music was lost... So hopefully someone is willing to share if they have the mp3's. Regards, Freek ps: Hope this is correct place for this kind of topic
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