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Via Axis - Expressions Of One


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Artist: Via Axis

Album: Expressions Of One

Label: Ovnimoon Records

Released: August 2011


There is an 11-minute video on YouTube of Via Axis performing a sundown live set at Boom Festival 2012, the crowd energy is good, the beach-side locale is perfect, the deco and lights are beautifully psychedelic and the moon peeking out while the sun is still up is just majestic.


This is the time of day when "Expressions Of One" works best, at the beginning of the dark hours, probably an earlier set in the night before the peak-hour performers hit the stage. Certainly, "Expressions Of One" would be more a full-on album, an excellent and masterful one at that, but it has many understated, subtle qualities to it.


Via Axis has created a grower with this one. The attentive listener will probably identify the magic immediately, for others this is an album that grows and grows greater with every single listen. Captivating soundscapes bring true trance to these productions, the energy of the tempo assures that this one will work well with a live crowd but all the beautiful details of these creations make this a wonderland on a set of headphones.


Naturally, the work by this Brazilian producer comes courtesy of Ovnimoon Records and if Via Axis is familiar to some outside of this album it is likely because of the co-production on "Galactic Mantra" with Ovnimoon that many in the psy scene revered. There happens to be much to this talented producer all on his own, though.


The persistent energy of "Vilca Spirit," brain-candy psychedelia of "Melt Into The Green" and floor-filling and heavily Goa-influenced "The Beyond Within" are highlights though there is not a single track on this album that would fall short by any measure.


"Expressions Of One" is a masterpiece and it is a shame if it happened to fly under many people's radars. Not only should this one be heard, it should be felt, it is a soaring journey to the stars, it is an adventurous expedition into the metaphysical, it is pure, high quality psytrance.


If lucky enough to dance to this under both the sun and the moon at the same time "Expressions Of One" is receiving exactly the respect it deserves, for it should receive nothing less than such a beautiful celestial occurrence enhanced by beautifully in-tune participants - it deserves nothing less than the attention and appreciation of the educated psy listener who knows how to handle, interpret and accentuate such magical moments.



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Thanks mate, that makes a lot more sense. I went out looking for Via Axis on the night he was scheduled to play and that 2/3am timeslot had some monstrous hi-tech going on. As these things go, guess I was a couple hours early but back in bed by the time he went on. :( Probably ended up with the times mixed up or some changes happened, you know, the usual. After watching the vid I figured they had moved him up to the evening hours, sunrise would be a wonderful time to catch his set, hope you were there to enjoy it!

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Thanks for the review. I've never really paid attention to Via Axis until I read your write-up above.


After listening to all the tracks a few times I would rate EOO as a very solid album, but not a masterpiece. IMO, some of the tracks are just too long and become repetitive. This might be a good thing for live performance, but not so much for listening at home. However, Via Axis is clearly talented.


8-8.5 / 10

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He seems to have the same sort of style, same sort of atmosphere, to his sound as Lectro Spektral Daze, just with less goa influence. Something about both of them just sweeps me off to a different place, wonderful music, really glad you're enjoying him.

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