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Hiyarant - Collision

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Trance2MoveU    375



Artist: Hiyarant

Title: Collision

Label: MMD Records

Date: November, 2007


1. Collision

2. Smug

3. Mechanism Version 2.0

4. Lead Better

5. Fire

6. Osaka

7. Frozen Ghost - Multiprey (remix)

8. Right Off

9. Use {R Frien} Dly

10. Untitled


"You will witness what has happened here today and you will tell of it later!"






"That's right "Gloria" you're not my mother! And I f*cking hate meatloaf!"



How to describe this, how to describe this...Thumping kicks, often impossibly low bass lines that could move tectonic plates, and night time acid washes that would peel the daylight off of a beach. It's hard and aggressive (at times being an all out bombastic assault) with ample metallic sounds and cool samples. If you think the South African sound is all over this then give yourself a cookie. MMD is that label from the dark continent not named Timecode or Nexus Media. This album is perfect for when you wanna get all aggro and break some sh*t. Girlfriend slept with your best friend? This'll do. Dipsh*t cuts you off in traffic? Turn it up. Step mom throws away all your best porno mags? Yeah this is what you want.


BTW Gloria I love meatloaf so you can send that sh*t my way.


Had to mention this as well. After 42 seconds of what sounds like tuning a radio (tracks 10-15) the final track is...well it's kind of...you know I don't know what the f*ck it is.







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Ormion    417

Fantastic album. Smug and Right Off are masterpieces.

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