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Abomination - Nicolas C.A.G.E. EP


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Artist: Abomination

Title: Nicolas C.A.G.E. EP

Label: Mechanik Records

Date: September, 2014


1. Brain Attack - The Spirit (Abomination Remix)

2. Nicolas Cage

3. Backwards





"Welcome to the Rock!"


Rock f*cking bottom you mean. These are the same guys who made The Enemy Within and Planet X? Really? Their third album Incognito was a terrible snoozefest, but I was ready to give them a second chance. You don't just make two good albums and then suck right? I don't know if there's a Yoko Ono situation going on here or what, but changes need to be made. This is stop and start sample heavy pablum with no depth whatsoever. I've stepped in deeper puddles. This is truly...an abomination.





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