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"V/A - Psionic Ritual"


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Artist: Various

Title: Psionic Ritual

Label: Digital Psionics

Date: December, 2013


1. Outer Signal Vs. Tickets - 254 Kilograms

2. Earworm - Energy Field

3. Khopat Vs. Smashed - Substances

4. Locked Locker - Substance D

5. Tantrum Vs. Catarsis - Force Field

6. Remove - Idea

7. Shuumat - Don't Shoot The Process

8. Rubix Qube Vs. Nevermachine - Definitely Dead

9. Rabdom L - Black Hole (Iliuchina Remix)

10. Dark Nebula - Sajuuk Khar



"Do you understand what I'm saying? The whole system's gone...haywire."


The label with the signature kissing door knocker is back with another chapter in the Psionic series. It's a digital twilight ride with a copious amount of acid, lasers, and well manipulated samples. Some tracks have a theatrical quality to them, but one common thread is dark power. It's what they do. Blistering tracks like Substances and Definitely Dead have that rapid pace and swirling energy. The girl interrupted sample in Substance D is delightfully twisted. Right up my alley. Most of this compilation is top notch with only a few misses near the end. Great sound and furious energy. Welcome back Digital Psionics!





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