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Ascent - Colored Reality EP

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Trance2MoveU    384



Artist: Ascent

Title: Colored Reality EP

Label: Ovnimoon Records

Date: April, 2013


1. Happiness

2. Lights

3. Imagination

4. Progressive Dream



This is my second experience with this artist and it just keeps getting better. Or maintains it's current level of awesomeness. His brand of psy-gressive is glorious and fits well with the Ovnimoon style. If you're a fan of the layered melodic progressive trance that's floating around these days then you'll love this. The atmospheric value is off the charts and it's loaded with sounds to give it depth. Iono?




Ovnimoon. I hope you're paying attention to this label because they are releasing top quality music at a rapid pace. This is no exception. Think of them like Mcdonald's except they're serving up real meat.





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Bill    85

I have not listened to this one so I cannot vouch for it. Since we're on this topic this is a full-length album from Ascent & Argus:




Could not agree more regarding Ovnimoon Records - VA - Mysteries of Psytrance Volumes 1-3, Psilocybian "Wry Figments", Via Axis "Expressions of One", Ovnimoon "Magnetic Portal" and VA - "Colors of Goa" are my favorites. Even when a release misses you can tell they were at least trying for something special, no color-by-numbers from this label. And, even more impressive I feel, their best releases are not just one style of psy, they've released and compiled great releases in progressive, full-on, goa and down tempo. Hector Ovnimoon obviously loves what he does and he's damn good at finding equally great artists.

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