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Anoebis - The History of Goa-Trance: 1995


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Goa is over 20 years old in the mean time. Time to have a retrodelic look! For this I dug in my huge cd & vinyl collection and decided to make a mix for every year for the period 1994-2014 to show the "new" generation of goa people how goa-trance evolved, and never really died ;)

This second mix is about 1995, mixed with 2 CDJ1000s and Pioneer djm300. It was a big treat, as many of the tracks are SUPER hard to mix. I hope I managed decently :) So, have a look, a listen and make sure to buy the music if you like it!

If you want to hear the mix of 1994, please download and listen on soundcloud too! :)

Here is the tracklist of the 1995 mix
1. Electric Universe - Electronic Pulsation - Spirit Zone Records
2. Pleiadians - Ciberland - Symbiosis Records
3. Koxbox - Tribal Oscillation (Prana Remix) - Harthouse Records
4. Astral Projection - Power Gen - Trust in Trance Records
5. Hiscore - True Freedom - Polytox Records
6. Bassline Baby - Altered States - Step 2 House Records
7. Talking Souls - Place on Earth - Polytox Records
8. Etnica - The Gili's Voyage (Ketu Remix) - High Society Records
9. In Trance - Over Seas - NMC Records
10. Soluna - Dancing Spirit - BTM Records
11. Cosmosis - Deus (Benedictine Remix) - Transient Records
12. Transwave - Cycles of Life - Symbiosis Records
13. Perfect Rainbow - Exotic Eye - Matsuri Productions



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This is a great set with extremely good mixing skills, well done mate..


Actually Goa Trance sound for the year of 1994 and before that isn't my cup of tea, but after 1995 this sub-genre took its exact shape ...

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No, the Etnica track. I believe it's quite widely agreed that the track listing of TJAUtBL is wrong. Gili's Voyages (#1 and #3) sound alike, but it's Vicky's Dream (#4, really) which everyone likes.

Well, I just used my original cd... So ok, maybe you are right. I will ask Maurizzio for clarifications :)

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