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Panayota - Butterfly Effect


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Artist: Panayota

Title: Butterfly Effect

Label: Kaos Krew Records

Date: June, 2014


1. The Wizard Spell

2. Dream feat. Skazi

3. Heaven In My Hands

4. Take With Love

5. Butterfly Effect

6. Liquid Crystals feat. Alienn

7. The Atmosphere feat. Stereopanic

8. New Civilization

9. Zoodana

10. D'R Rudy






Yeah...it's one of those.


This is way you expect a sh*tty boxer to feel. Or those that suffer from migraines. When I was a kid I had those. Got so bac I would wander around the house in my underwear moaning, moving from room to room. Only to find sweet relief in sleep and total darkness. That is after puking into the terlet until I all but passed out.


Which is exactly what happened when I listened to this. Panayota succeeds in bringing those horrible memories flooding back to the forefront. Thanks a lot dick. It's loud with more stops and starts than a teacher that likes to go off on tangents. Get to the f*cking point already.


Problem is there is no point. The leads are abrasive and there is zero flow to the album or even individual tracks. And don't get me started on the build ups. It's like he was shooting for the world record. This is the type of commercial full on that is a recipe for a migraine. Maybe I'm too old, but music that inflicts pain isn't something I'm into.





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