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Space Goa Mix -FLIP TONITE-


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Yo yo yo space rangerz!


I decided to do this one with my favourite tracks. So it's made for my mp3-player but why shouldn't you like it too.




Here's the tracks:


1. Hux Flux - Time Slices (rmx) (Koyote Records 1998)

2. Logic Bomb - Hydrofon (Spiral Trax 2000)

3. Space Tribe + Menog - Spiritual Experience (Space Tribe Music 2007)

4. Braincell - Enhanced Disclosure (Imaginary Sight rmx) (Glowing Flame Records 2009)

5. KURO - Black Zombie v.2 (Psyristor Trax 2012)

6. Tamlin - Glitch (Faerie Dragon Records 2008)

7. KURO - Red Zombie v.2 (Psyristor Trax 2012)

8. Space Tribe + Absolum - Astral Body Surfing (Space Tribe Music 2005)

9. Ianuaria - Elements (Glowing Flame Records 2009)

10. Intriga - Stuff Of Legends (unrlsd)

11. Intriga - Smoke & Mirrors (unrlsd)


Ups! The mix between Ianuaria and Intriga is quite "a smasher", the classical and foresty soundscapes didn't go together too well... shit happens. x)

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Limitless I reckon is the only place you find it, yeah. Sick tune one of the best from that year... :)


I'm glad to see you guys like the mix! (Even though I made a major crash near the end...)


There's also a new, suomi exclusive chill-downtempo mix on the same page that might be worth the listen as well.

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