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v.a. Stellar Discovery (goa trance) free!

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Here next compilation from "Goa Galaxy" (netlabel).

Travma, Vinshu, Cactus Arising, Protorai, Somnesia, Proxeeus, Nash Mafia Blues, Itzamnia, Jagoa, Satanic Electro.


Soon available free download ;)






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01. Cactus Arising - Magic Notes (9:54)

02. Somnesia - When Stars Dream (7:12)

03. Protorai - Treetop Kingdom (8:09)

04. VinShu - Darkness Behind (7:03)

05. Nash Mafia Blues - Apocalypse (6:48)

06. Proxeeus - Orbiting Arcturus (8:03)

07. SatanicElectro - Comfortable Man (8:13)

08. Jagoa - Astral Flower Power (9:47)

09. Itzamnia - Teleport To The Moon (Solar Mix) (6:57)

10. Travma - Shaolin's (6:05)



Credits:Compiled by GOAdelic

Mastered by Maciej Zeman (OCCID)

Cover art and design by GOAdelic & SatanicElectro

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