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Bohemian Grove Occult Ritual decoded...

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I watched Alex Jones's video of him infiltrating Bohemian Grove in the video "Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove" and I was able to understand the occult ritual's meaning. This is a summation:


First they invoke the holiness of the nature honoring the trees, the bids, the sky, the forest, the coolness of the evening, the dawn, they suggest the audience cast off their cares, as if to be care free, light hearted, free of sorrow. Then they suggest "dull care" vanish, like Babylon. Again the honor nature, its comfort and council, its healing power, its calm, its faithfulness, its quietude, its love, its motherliness, its tenderness.


Again now the audience is suggested to have a heavy heart and that the remedy is that their dull care be slain.


So the unscrutinizing will not notice the dramatic shift in meaning. Firstly the invocation was about honoring nature and taking comfort, uplifting oneself by with the idiom of casting off cares, being happy and cheerful. Now the meaning is skillfully subtly but radically changed, since your attention is now given and allegiance is already acquired its now harder for the audience to withdraw it. Cares go from being soothed, to being eliminated at the very root of capacity, the purpose goes from stress relief, to socio-pathology, the destruction of sentience itself, the casting off of cares becomes no longer relief, but obliteration to destroy all feeling.


Care is then represented as the body, referred to as the corpse, a human corpse. Which is taken across a body of water on a boat (perhaps the ferryman of the underworld here), again suggested the doomed status of care.


Death is now honored as majestic. Dull care now regarded as the enemy of beauty or death. Equating the soothing of cares, with nature, and death of care with that beauty. Dull care is not of the forgiveness or the restful grave they proclaim. Then comes the invocation of fire upon care, and the wind to disperse it.


Suddenly comes the voice of opposition the voice that says, that care cannot be slain. That every year they burn care and attempt to surmount it. That care returns in the market place (perhaps in the form of desire, and passion).


The response comes from the priest that only some will be able to crush their care, and some will be destroyed by it. That care is malevolent, and that natures trees and comfort protect one again from cares, again equating the eradication of feeling (ritual purpose), as the synonym of peace and tranquility. Then it is proclaimed that the ritual will again take place at this midsummer to burn the human corpse or effigy of care itself. That this midsummers ritual will set them free.


Then the voice of opposition laughs and spits on their altar.


The priest responds by invoking an owl of wisdom.


Then a song comes from the owl, that care is nourished on the hates of men and that an eternal flame must snuff it out on the altar.


Then they proclaim to banish care, as it is hated and detested and called dull and that fire will have its way with it.


They again proclaim midsummer will set them free, and then set the altar with the effigy on fire, and there are savage cries of agony at the lighting of the human corpse.



Thus the purpose of the Bohemian grove is actually a ritual murder, of a human, who represents care, or the cares of humanity itself. This is done for reasons of toughness and power. Like a man demonstrating his power by holding his hand over a burning candle, that pain cannot weaken him. This ritual is done for the purpose of dulling oneself to all forms of feeling. It takes place in midsummer because that is the point when the days begin to shorten, thus the point where the influence of the winter season (season of death), begins to wax, thus aligning themselves with that death force. The ritual uses natural forces to achieve the unnatural, and when its challenged the natural forces are suggested to be the victim of that challenge, while on the other hand the murderers of sentience hide behind it, as a synonymous with natures beauty. The ritual is done in the place of natures abundance and majesty in order to ritually kill the heart of sentience of nature itself, and then deceptively proclaim natures beauty thereafter to win the ignorant. By killing sentience, and burning a human body they are destroying the life force, after ritually invoking it to attend the ritual. Firstly life and nature is honored so it will attend, then they ritually murder it in secret, but openly as well by burning a human in agony who represents their conscience, care, and any inhibition they may have to wielding power.


Politicians of course enjoy this ritual because their rise to power will become easier when their own ability to care about anything is absent, and only the power is regarded.


The life of nature returns each year, and that is already accounted for in the ritual by the voice of opposition, which is why the ritual is aligned with the death cycle in nature, when the days begin to become shorter. So everything on the natural level looks pretty standard, however the soothing of care is subtly hidden and perverted into the murder of sentience itself, for the reason of being free of pain and suffering, and more able to wield power. Thus socio-pathology and unfeeling callousness is regarded as the beauty and comfort of nature and as the restfulness of death.


Kinda reminds me of the movie "Princess Mononoke" where the antagonists were out to behead the forest spirit. This is sort of the same concept here, they are murdering the spirit of feelingness itself within the majesty of nature, while the ignornat look on and see it as some poetic but bizzare ritual in the redwood forest of California.

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Are you saying that they are doing this big ritual just to stop caring? And then they have to repeat it again every year? That seems really ineffective. Im not trying to attack your theory, i just don't think i understand exactly what you mean.

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yep... thats what i'm saying.


I dunno if it's ineffective or not. It may work. It's not an attitude of not-caring they are after here, not a kind of egotism... but the true destruction of their capacity to care. If you do it every year on the same day, maybe it will work? I dunno. but yeah thats my theory. some sort of ritual magic... instead of working on making yourself care more, as prescribed in most religions and spiritualities they work on caring less, for personal power...

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On 6/6/2014 at 6:42 PM, Negrosex said:

Are you saying that they are doing this big ritual just to stop caring? And then they have to repeat it again every year? That seems really ineffective. Im not trying to attack your theory, i just don't think i understand exactly what you mean.

I think they enjoy repeating it. Like they said every year their hearts become heavy with care so they do the ritual as kind of a reset to keep care at bay again. Until the following year's midsummer. It also seems to be a celebration and a ceremony that welcomes it's new members.  Just my thoughts on my matter. Probably incorrect but just my two cents. 

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It must be very useful to obtain power or success to stop caring and worrying about things, the full will, ego and desire are released. It is also dangerous, because worry or caring is what keeps people at bay in the social sphere, for fear of guilt, shame, fear or punishment... Do these rituals manage to turn people into sociopaths? Is it possible to achieve success without stopping loving and caring? I have always felt that my sensitivity has been a great impediment to success, it is like a mechanism that lengthens processes according to the load of stress and chaos that I am capable of supporting without collapsing.

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