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"V/A - Dead Can Dance"


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Artist: Various

Title: Dead Can Dance

Label: One Foot Groove

Date: May, 2014


1. Iliuchina - Brain Magic

2. Biorhythm - Sunquake 3

3. Dark Nebula & Tantrum - Neophyte

4. Sub-Zero - Ego Killer

5. Zion Linguist - Bam Bam Thea (Ironstein Remix)

6. Glitch - Dirty Game

7. Tryambaka - Dead Can Dance

8. Sick Addiction - Scooby Groovy Boo

9. D_Maniac - Dragon Tribute







"Dig thru the ditches and burn thru the witches...!"



Brainless Zombies






Walk...Dancing Dead.





Movies have taught us that zombies are mindless creatures, hungry for brains or at the very least very competent in synchronized dance. Which makes this the perfect soundtrack for dead people. Loaded with samples and embarrassing stops and starts only the brainless or those so high as to act brainless could enjoy this. It's a perfect example of an attempt at quality twilight music gone horribly wrong.


Very wrong.


It was tough to choke this moldy cheese down let me tell you. Like a constipated grandfather who wolfs down prune juice in search of relief there's an awful mess waiting for those who choose to swallow this. Cornball melodies and just outright boring and uninspiring music is what this compilation is all about. Every one of the artists (at least the ones I'm familiar with) have produced waaaay better stuff than this. I tried to find one redeeming quality to this sh*tshow, but only found salvation at the end of the delete key.


You're dead to me! Dead!!


"Dude, look at the cover...we're already dead."







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