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Ziptnf - Variety Pack, Vol 1: Strange Brew [weird progressive psytrance]


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I've been trying to find an excuse to make a mix featuring a different flavor of progressive psytrance, and there are multiple directions I can take this style. That's why I'm beginning a new mix series of the brewer's choice. The first volume in the series is packed with a curious and unusual sound, with the slightly weirder, more rare tracks from lesser known artists around the world.


Unseen Dimensions - Real High (Mult1verse Remix) [Airglow]

Jiser & Rael Bleep - Enjoy [spin Twist]

S!m Pro-Ject - Off Beta Colors [Midijum]

Sonic Sense - Kids n' Drugs [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]

Vaishiyas - Arped [spin Twist]

Mental Flow - Morning Light [EDM]

KIN - Mushrooms [Phantasm]

DNA - Caffeine (Dominant Space Remix) [DNA]

Alion - Plastik Peoples [Magnitud]

3G_KON - Akiloa [biomechanix]

Ranji & Unseen Dimensions - Change [blue Tunes]

Skyfall - Not Quite Human [Nano]

Echotek - Space Knob [Goa Crops]


Download link:

Ziptnf - Variety Pack, Vol 1: Strange Brew (1:09:09) 158MB ~320kbps

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nice work dude, you always come through with interesting, well-made mixes


the styles here aren't particularly my cup of tea, but it is great to get a sense of what is happening in the broader psy prog genre (i am very tuned in to the dark prog stuff, not so much the rest)



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Hey thanks for listening, Drew! Glad to see you've heard some of my other mixes as well. Any of them stand out to you? :)


And yeah, it seems like a lot of people hone into the trancier, J00F-style prog-psy, or the more melodic stuff. Not many people try a taste of the stranger stuff. I feel like this mix showcases some of the lesser played stuff.

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