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Rainbow Serpent - Cutted Scenes

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Artist: Rainbow Serpent

Title: Cutted Scenes

Label: Invisible Shadows

Date: 1999


1. Believe

2. Imagination Fire

3. Silent Running

4. Exploring the Mars

5. From Darkroom To Digital

6. Exploring the Mars (Part 2)

7. Ce;tic Dance






My camel jacknifed a ways back. Total loss, it was horrible. Frothy spit everywhere. I crawl 5 miles on my hands and knees under the searing sun and you hand me a pack of saltines? If I had the energy I'd punch you square in the tomatoes.


This German duo makes ambient style music that has motion in the same exact formula. The pads can be lofty cloud slicers, but it's the same sh*t over and over. Part of the song will be floating, and another part driving. Then floating and driving until you wake up. It's extending a phrase over the entire length of the track adding and subtracting as you go. There is zero psychedelia and they close with the outstandingly cheesy and diabetic coma inducing Celtic Dance. It's a whisker from Yanni without the cool porn stache.



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