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Liquid Soul - Revolution (Iboga Records)

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Artist: Liquid Soul

Title: Revolution

Label: Iboga Records

Cat: IBO1CD086

Format: CD and Digital download (MP3/Wav)

Release date: 27th of november (CD) and 3rd of december (digital download)

Release information:

Iboga Records proudly presents the much-anticipated third album from Liquid Soul titled “Revolution”. Liquid Soul has spent a long time preparing and fine-tuning every track here, and the result is yet another super high quality progressive trance album, filled with unforgettable hits.

All the tracks are tested to the max during his many travels all over the world, performing his beloved sets to thousands of fans, as he has done since the release of his breakthrough album "Synthetic Vibes" in 2006.

To top his big hitting albums “Synthetic Vibes” and “Love In Stereo” has not been an easy task, but has done so with excellence. With "Revolution" Liquid Soul again proves why he is considered among the absolute top artists within the genre and why he is being such a big inspiration to many producers out there. Constantly perfecting his sound, yet staying true to his roots with his own melodic, emotional and atmospheric touch.

If you're into psytrance, trance or progressive, “Revolution” is definitely one of the stand-out releases of the year, and it will be released in just a couple of weeks...


01. Liquid Soul - Consciousness

02. Liquid Soul - Revolution

03. Liquid Soul - I See The Spirit

04. Liquid Soul & Zyce feat. Solar Kid - Anjuna

05. Liquid Soul - P.L.U.R.

06. Liquid Soul - Valley Of Peace

07. Liquid Soul - Precious

08. Liquid Soul - Light Me Up

09. Liquid Soul - Limitless


Liquid Soul fanpage on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/liquidsouliboga

Iboga Records fanpage on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ibogarecords

Iboga Records website: http://www.iboga.dk

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