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Shamanic tribes on acid - The mad hatter's acid teaparty


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Label: Kinetix Recordings

Country: UK

Released: 1998




1- Guitar Slinger: 9:21

2- Pyramid Power: 7:31

3- Land Of The Tiger: 6:49

4- Alice In Acidland: 7:38

5- Buddah Bless You: 5:59

6- Voyage To Atlantis: 10:12

7- The Hard The Fast And The Acid: 8:08

8- Spinning Head: 6:09

9- Freak Out: 6:29


This albums sounds very oldschool, typical Shamanic tribes on acid with this hybrid style acid/goa/trance but with no real complexity.


Track 1 is a promising first track, very intense stuff, acid and melodic. Then you got 2 average tracks, darker and a bit tribal but too repetitive.

Track 4 is quite nice! Intense acid goa, followed by track 5 which is average, drum & bass like rhythm, it sounds too repetitive.

Track 6 sounds more peaceful than the rest because of this female voice, quite entrancing...basslines and atmosphere are cool!

Track 7 is dance/goa style, very old school and simple, not too bad but i regret that the kickdrum doesn't have more power.

Track 8 again got a drum & bass rhythm, short dark track, makes a change from the previous tracks but not my cup of tea. The abum ends pretty poorly with track 9 being not interesting, too intense/repetetive and similar to the rest.


One of the things i regret is the use of the same snares/hi-hats in nearly all the tracks, the kickdrum could also be more powerful.

It's also probably too intense to listen to the 9 tracks in a row. It gets exhausting... I always thought Shamanic tribes music sounded too amateur even if the guy can make some interesting tracks!

This album is worth listening for two or three tracks (tracks 1, 4 and 6), so i'm not gonna recommend to buy this album.

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Artist: Shamanic Tribes On Acid

Title: The Mad Hatter's Acid Tea Party

Label: Kinetix Recordings

Date: November, 1998


1. Guitar Slinger: 9:21
2. Pyramid Power: 7:31
3. Land Of The Tiger: 6:49
4. Alice In Acidland: 7:38
5. Buddah Bless You: 5:59
6. Voyage To Atlantis: 10:12
7. The Hard The Fast And The Acid: 8:08
8. Spinning Head: 6:09
9. Freak Out: 6:29





Yep, that about sums it up.


After listening to the uber disappointing Future World I decided to give this guy another shot. Perhaps he was on the way out, he knew it, and didn't have any more f*cks to give. So on to this album..can't go wrong right? Alice in Wonderland theme, acid, 1998...there should be a whole lot to love.


Yeah, you would think so. First off this is loud and abrasive. Noisy. That could just be his style, but you should know that this is smooth like sugar free cookies are tasty. If you even have the beginnings of a headache just walk away. There is nothing dynamic about it as every sound is set to maximum loudness. It's not melodic goa at all, but more of an acidic techno template. As Manuser mentioned the snare and hi-hats are beat to death. Alice in Acidland is a chunky goa track, but it is damn near ruined by the repetitive snare rolls. Did the guy who made that snare get paid by the hit? It's f*cking abhorrent.


I cannot envision a moment where this is an album I would ever reach for again.

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