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"V/A - I Have A Dream"


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Artist: Various

Title: I Have A Dream

Label: Melodia Records

Date: 1996


1. Power Source - Eye Land

2. Zed - Tubular Bells

3. G.B.A. feat. Liat - Dream On Peace

4. Kosowski - Breakfast

5. Power Source - Heaven On Earth

6. G.B.A. - Sweet Dream

7. Power Source - Oxygene

8. G.B.A. - Piano Fantasy

9. Zed - Zedream

10. G.B.A. - Symphony of Love

11. G.B.A. - Flashdance (Love Theme)




What I am about to say is likely to offend people.





This is the gayest sh*t I've ever heard.







No that's an insult to gay people. I have nothing against gay people. What's gayer than gay people?







If you're not hearing In the Navy or Macho Man or really any Village People song at this point you really need to get on board. This couldn't be farther from psytrance if Kenny G had a solo on it. Think Robert Miles Children taken to it's cheesiest degree. The melodies are so f*cking sweet it's like having a cupcake in between cotton candy buns (no pun intended). Every song has the piano lead melody in a truly horrid dream pop way. I've had this on my computer for a couple of years and now the origin of computer herpes has been solved.


I would take you through all the tracks but a) there isn't enough F-word, and B) they all sound the same. Originally downloaded for the Power Source tracks I have to wonder what happened to them. Goaway? Closer to Take My Breath Away by Berlin. Thank God it was a download cause if I woulda paid for this I'd be sending rockets with babies into the Holy Land.


If you see this stay as far away as f*cking possible lest you catch the gay.






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