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Bell Size Park - Shroom Hunt EP

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Artist: Bell Size Park

Title: Shroom Hunt

Label: Timewarp Records

Date: July, 2013


1. The Shroom Hunt

2. Interceptor 2013

3. Shambala

4. Goa Child (Into The Matrix mix)


Bell Size Park used to be a trio that released an album called the Truth is There back in 96. I've never heard it so I can't comment on it. But these days it's a one man outfit. In 2011 he released Escape From Planet X EP on Dimensional Records which was psytrance and it didn't thrill me. Now here he is with his latest on ridiculously prolific Timewarp Records and this one I like.


Most of it is a psy/techno hybrid with some goa elements. Evolving and constantly changing he shows his skill and it's pretty good. It sounds cold and very metallic with the exception of the title track. The Shroom Hunt is a page right out of the old school playbook with a very active and nimble 303. Easily my favorite of the EP. Nice work.




Juno Download



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