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Sennheiser MX 580 are impressive


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So I own this pair of earbuds for more than a year now and they are by far the best earbuds I have ever had and also the best headphones I have ever had. They even are the best sound equipment I have ever had altough they are not more expensive than about 30 €. I don`t know why and how Sennheiser did that but I guess in order to be better than the Chinese brand Yuin, who offer the PK2 and PK3 for about the same price and in order to be better than them.


Those earphones sound so much better than any other earbuds or in ears I have heart in the price range up to 100 € and sound really expensive. The details are really impressive, the sound has no edges or rooms but plays freely without squares or other limitations, you hear the pure sound of the source and it sounds extremly detailed. You get all the details of your soundcard or your cd player and can hear differences in mastering between for example British mastered songs or German mastered songs or the Israelic stufff and I am really serious about it. They need a bit burn in but after that they sound really impressive and I recommend, just for a test buy them with some good pads so they have better seat and bass. They will sound better than cheap headphones in any aspect and Idefinatly sound like speakers that cost 1000 the pair. The detail and dynamics I hear from the earphones, yet the linear frequency response impress me, no frequency is too loud and the Bass is absolutely clean, however could be a bit deeper, but it is for sure better than the squary booming bass of cheap headphones.


And if people here will laugh and think I am lying or I am dumb for saying those cheap earphones sound impressive, just get one pair and see for yourself that they are indeet impressive and especially for walking they are a great choise with a high quality mp3 player you will get a sound like in some expensive hifi room.


The only bottleneck of the earbuds is that the cable is a bit fragile at the beginning so I put tape at the beginning of the wire and have my pair for a long time now. I would buy them anytime again and I know that it will be very difficult to find some speakers that can play with such an detail for about 150 € 200 € which I have now.



People here should really try them and see for themself how mindblowing the sound will be, paired with an expensive soundcard or cd player and I am not joking about it,


If some will laugh about it here, do it, but anyone who really goes ahead and orders them will see how impressive they are.

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Interesting. I gave up on earbuds a long time ago and never really bothered to give expensive pair a chance considering all the physical restrictions they have compared to stuff like in-ears. Wish I could try some without buying..

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Even if zou would spend the 30 é to buz them, I reallz tell you, you would not regret it, 30 é is nothing for them and if zou have a great cellphone or great mp3 plazer you would get impressive soundqualitz.


In mz opniion thez sound like headphones for 100 é or more, I have listened to 100 é Sennheiser headphones and thez were not better when it comes to detail and deph of the music, thez were a bit warmer in sound but that was all. So mazbe there are 100 é headphones that are much better, but the Sennheiser and AKG arround 100 é I tried definatlz are not in mz opinion.


Classical earbuds are also waz more confortable and healthy for the ears compared to in ears and they do not isolate as much so zou can hear if someone cries for you when you are outside and turn the volume down which is a benefit over in ears.


I hope one of the psznews members will get them from Amazon or a similar shop and saz what he thinks so we have a second opinion about them here.

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