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"V/A - Resistrance"


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Artist: Various

Title: Resistrance

Label: Hadra Records

Date: April, 2012


1. Ab Zee

2. Visible Light

3. Subsurface

4. Angelical Geminorum

5. Motorcycle from hell

6. Natural Internet

7. Mind of its own

8. Scary Sprites

9. Maybe yes maybe no

10. Yellow Eye

11. Fringe

12. Direct Control

13. Flashbacks

14. Bio Digital Jazz

15. I have a dream

16. Synapse Trigger

17. The Third Arena

18. Galactic Forces

19. Unplugged Mind (Reactive rmx)




Ft. Bragg, North Carolina 0700 Hours


Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter colonel.


I didn't think I had much choice.


Sorry about that old boy, but a window revealed itself and immediate action was required. Your country needs you again. Can we count on you?


Of course general just say the word.


I'm not asking you to clean my toilets. This is a real dirty job. A job that requires focus and the utmost patience. You're going to hear things...things...you can't unhear.


*sips scotch* What are we talking about here?


This is a rescue mission. A one man operation. I need you to go through a 2 CD set of full-on and come back with some good tracks. You'll have to wade through the seriously subpar and derivative to return with survivors. Under no circumstances should you engage the enemy. *walks to window and peers through the blinds at the coming dawn* I've...I've already lost enough good men to this fight.


He was a good man sir. The best. *waits a few respectful moments and judges the time is right for his next question* What if I find a gem? A superb track?


*looks at man with incredulity* Haven't you been listening to a word I've said!?! You're going into a 2 CD set of dull-on! Tracks that go nowhere, minutes on end of "is it finished yet." Possibly build ups that totally kill any momentum and a blatant overuse of samples that weren't cool a decade ago. You won't find any gems here damnit!!!


*composes self and exhales deeply*

Besides our intel would've discovered any quality tracks in our latest reconnaissance. Our man on the inside said these are some of the worst conditions he's ever seen.


What's the time frame?


*general leaves window and approaches desk strewn with maps*


You'll leave at once. The drop off point is here where you'll rendez-vous with your contact in the Resistrance. Lucas is a good man and he's hidden deep behind enemy lines. He'll equip you with the list of potential hostages, but it'll be up to you to make it that far. We've uncovered the list of adversaries you'll be facing. Psysex, Barak, Loud...you've gone up against them before. Once you get past the initial wave of crap that's where you'll find our boys. Maybe. It's also the most dangerous time during the whole mission as you'll be too deep to call for an evac.


Good luck colonel.


*stands up and salutes*



3 weeks later in a debriefing room in an undisclosed location



*General enters room and removes hat*


At ease soldier. Glad to see you doing well. The doctors say you'll make a full recovery. I...I want you to know we put our best man on it.


I know sir. He did everything he could and we almost made it out with a few others. But...he, he never stood a chance. The full-on was just too horrible. Build ups, tuned up samples, and even a Martin Luther King sample. He was only one man. The onslaught of suck was beyond belief. And the cheese...so much cheese.


19 tracks and only one survivor. Your country appreciates everything you did soldier. Now please get some rest...we hear Nutek might be planning a release in the near future and I'd like to put my best man on it.


Yes sir.


As you were Lucas.









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