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"V/A - sHift - Consequences Remixes"


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Artist: Various

Title: Consequences Remixes

Label: Nexus Media

Date: February, 2013


1. EMP Remix

2. Infektion Remix

3. Tryon Remix

4. Zezia Remix

5. Kill Theory Remix

6. Ecstarsis Remix

7. Phsiris Remix

8. Overthrone Remix



Chris Hoy (Nexus Media head and acidic psytrance veteran) has been laying down the good twilight madness for over a decade with several albums to his credit. Lately he released the OMG EP (where this track originates) and it was the slamming style he is known for. I must admit that I'm a sucker for that aggressively melodic South African sound that seems to always take the music in a new direction. When I review a remix album or EP it helps to hear the original so I can hear how the remixes differ. I have the original, but I think it would be helpful to include it on the remix EP because some might not. Guess if you're a fan you already have it, and if you aren't yet...well seems like a good way to get you to buy 2 EP's. Touche Mr. Hoy.


Unlike the OMG EP he invites other artists to have their way with his track. How dirty yet alluring. Actually there was a competition to remix Consequences and the winner was EMP. The original is short by psytrance standards, but it's laden with chunky acid and those eerie melodies. The first three are wonderful body movers in the typical SA style. Pumping, rhythmic, and layered with clever sample manipulation. I don't know who Infektion is, but his use of acid and the Fifth Element samples had me at D-Man!


The Zezia remix is a bit less edgy and I'll be honest I'm looking for something a little different in a remix at this point. Kill Theory slows things down breaking it into its elements, but at almost 10 minutes it's a rambling mess that never seems to end. The Ecstarsis mix seems to play a little more with the dubstep sounds, but the Pulp Fiction sample comes off as a little cheesy. Not bad though.


Phsiris...hold up. Is this the bacon fellateurs?




It's not bad with a dreamy feel braced by a breakbeat. The final mix is the shortest, but also the most dubstep heavy of them all. If you like that style you'll love this as it did a good job of melding the eerie melody with the abrasive robotic metal dry hump that is dubstep.


All in all pretty good. The strongest tracks are in the beginning, but I believe that if there had been more variety in the remixes I wouldn't have been burnt out on the track as I was. Even Bill Murray had a breaking point before he cold cocked Ned Ryerson in the face.





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