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DJ Luca - Neogoa Dimensions

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Today we like to introduce you with our new DJ and member of netlabel - DJ Luca Bertoletti from Livorno, Italy. His passion for Goa trance music started long time ago, during the mid '90s he got his first contact with electronic music in Ibiza, and in 2001. he visited Goa in India to experience the true roots of this genre. In 2009. after he moved to Fortaleza (Brazil) he started to play psytrance and Goa trance music. In 2013 he bacame part of two Goa trance labels - Cronomi Records and Neogoa with mission to promote this kind of music in Brazil and beyond. His favorite style is groovy psytrance and newschool Goa. For more informations and DJ mixes please check his Soundcloud page. You can download his latest mix for our netlabel below:





  1. Hypnotic Signal - Pychotria Viridis
  2. Trinodia - Annunaki
  3. Trinodia - Groombridge
  4. Nova Fractal - Perplexed
  5. Radical Distortion - Amorphia
  6. Trinodia - Eltanin
  7. Somnesia - Sunlight
  8. Trinodia - Nashira
  9. Arronax vs Somnesia - Black Hole
  10. Trinodia - Inspired Brain
  11. Radical Distortion - The Others Worlds
  12. Screw Loose - Mentally Unfit
  13. Radical Distortion - The Dreamer
  14. Daimon - Edge Of Darkness
  15. Trinodia - 7th Ace

MP3/320 DOWNLOAD: via Dropbox | Soundcloud


More Goa trance DJ mixes can be found here: http://neogoanetlabel.tumblr.com/music

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