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Metaphorical Cloud - Morphing


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Artist: Metaphorical Cloud

Title: Morphing

Label: Flying Woofer Records

Date: July, 2011


1 - Imagination Bay (120 BPM)
2 - Cenosis (120 BPM)
3 - Gardens (70 BPM)
4 - Morphing (101 BPM)
5 - Sphere (103 BPM)
6 - Substance (99 BPM)
7 - Quartz (120 BPM)
8 - Psyche (70 BPM)
9 - Backward (68 BPM)
10 - Aerobios (107 BPM)
11 - Thenaria (62 BPM)
Flying Woofer Records?
Never heard of them, but I might start paying attention now. This is Eduard Sionov from that huge landmass known as Russia with his debut. I don't know what's in the water over there (yes I do, it's Chernobyl goodness...where do you think zombies come from?) but there seem to be a lot of quality artists from that region. Which is great for the listening public.
Eduard lavishes us with floating pads and electronic textures as the beat marches slowly on. Hard day at work? Put this on. Kids being a pain in the ass? Stick 'em in front of some Team Umizoomi and put this on. Utterly relaxing stuff that allows you to float amongst the puffy clouds. Sometimes those clouds smile back at you letting the sunshine through, and sometimes it's a bit overcast, so it's a good mix of brooding darkness and light.
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thanks a lot for your nice review!!


Flying woofer records has grown over the past 2 years and we now present our 4th free release very soon!!


stay tuned @ www.flyingwoofer.com

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