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"V/A - The Sound of Goa Trance"


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Artist: Various

Title: The Sound of Goa Trance

Label: SDR Music

Date: 1995


1. Octopus - The Art of Trance

2. Adventure Trip One - Lords of Octagon

3. Uniform Planet (Orbit Trance) - GGE

4. It's Our Future - AWeX

5. Luna Music - Luna Music

6. Plastic Gourd - Quietman

7. Desert Sun - Adrenalin Drum

8. Pyramid Night - Silver Pyramid

9. Ultraviolet - Monosphere

10. New E-Volution - Adrenalin Drum



I don't have any pants on.






Sh*t. I work out. I mean I plan to, you know...plan to actually think about working out.


But in the mean time. None. While that lovely image is swirling in your head I'll tell you why. For the first time in I don't know how many years I'm all by myself. Kids are at the grandparents, wife at work...I can do anything I want. There are things I have to do, but you just know that I will put them off until the absolute last minute.


Never heard of this label nor most of the artists featured. I know Adrenalin Drum and the track Octopus. Well the MWNN mix anyway. So what you get is some cool acid trance (Adventure Trip One), acid trance with a bit of a house vibe (It's Our Future...they beat the hell out of that sample), exceedingly long and uneventful acid trance (Luna Music), some REALLY long and loud acid trance (Plastic Gourd), some sneaky and bubbly goa (Desert Sun), some progressive trancey goa (New E-Volution), and some filler.


So...nothing really to write home about. I love the growl of a 303 as much as the next guy, but I need more. This was an album where the Discogs rating was close to spot on. Some good acid trance, but not the best the genre has to offer.


But you'll always have that image of me with no pants.


Your welcome.



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3. Uniform Planet (Orbit Trance)


For the CD only public this is the only lure here since all other tracks appear elsewhere on CD. I had this track on a tape from 1995. Was so happy when I discovered which track it is but sad when I saw it appears only on this rarity. My 'old-school' dream is this being released (again) on CD.


Zion604, are you reading this ? ;) It's though to get hold of these Spanish artists, we tried to contact them for Mind Rewind 2 but it was unsuccessful.

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