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Kurbeats - Folktronica (aka Yggdrasil) Out Today !

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Release date 22 March


OUT NOW !!!!!

Folktronica is the mutant child of Scandinavian Folk music and Electronica.

This album sets out to discover this new path. It blends acoustic instruments and jojk captured in the Kurbeats studio with digitally rendered soundscapes created by Andreas and Mathias.

Backed up by Scandinavian tradition and with their roots deep within the electronic music scene it lends itself to a bigger crowd, this album is for everyone.

Kurbeats takes you on a journey, from a shaman's tent, a wild ride through the kosmos to the heart.

With this release the duo continues their story, that began with Yggdrasil - Prose Edda. Only, this is the true beginning.

Folktronica gives you what Prose Edda merely hinted. So hold on to your seats, here we go!

OUT NOW @ Bandcamp


See Link for Previews:

CD track listing:

1.The Noid

2.Mono/Poly Wants a Cracker


4.Perineum #1

5.Sub Serum

6.Lemming Leisures

7.Phony Pony

8.Perineum #2

9.Celstial Lights

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OK, it's great and I bought it...but the announced $10 price could be called misleading. First, there's a hidden tax and second, shipping was $8 for a single CD. Do they deliver it on a silver platter with a complimentary blowjob?

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I had really high expectations for this release since Yggdrasil - Prose Edda is one of my favorite albums of all time. This album definitely met my expectations - it's truly unique and amazing music. Really fun to play the drums to as well!


One question though... why the name change? I mean sure, this is definitely an evolution from the Yggdrasil album, but "Ineffable Mysteries" Shpongle is hardly the same as "Are You Shpongled?" Shpongle either... all artists grow and evolve over time. That's what new album names are for.


I would have seriously overlooked this album if it wasn't for the "(aka Yggdrasil)" in this thread title. After discovering it I've told several people I knew to be big Yggdrasil fans about it, and of course no one had heard of it. You guys are missing out on a lot of exposure because of this random name change. 95% of the fans you gained from Yggdrasil will probably never find out about this amazing Kurbeats album, and that sucks! More people need to hear it!!!

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I truly believe if nearly ALL of the electronic music was like this - made in accordance by the existing folklore of the native people to whom the artists belong, ... we would have been living in a paradise already!...

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One question though... why the name change?


I can't say a thing about the actual motives of Andreas & Mathias, but I think that getting an artist identifier Yggdrasil (9) on Discogs suggests that the name might be slightly overloaded (or, unoriginal).


By the way, it seems that the shipping costs were accurate. The disc arrived in a neat pre-paid, CD-sized envelope, which is allegedly good for up to 2kg. It surely comes in handy if you're ever distributing depleted uranium from Sweden in CD-sized padded envelopes.


However, I guess someone at the post attempted doing multiple barrel rolls with his vehicle. The fancy special plastic case had broken somewhere along the few hundred lousy km it had to travel. Bah. No silver platters or other extras either. The music is still very nice, though.

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