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Atman Construct - Elysian Terraform EP


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Artist: Atman Construction

Title: Elysian Terraform

Label: Liquid Seed Recordings

Date: December, 2012


01 - Aventurescence (143 BPM)
02 - Parallax View (143 BPM)
03 - Solipsysm (135 BPM)
Three things I know:
One, the striking artwork is done by Paul Sargent
Two, it's mastered by Colin Oood Bennun.
And three, I have no idea who is the mind behind this project. So I can only assume it is aliens who are not ready to reveal themselves to us as of yet. And it sounds like what aliens might make. They take everything that they hear and put it into a track. Downtempo with glitchy effects as well as sounds that aren't from this planet. It can be aggressive and relaxing often within the same track. But don't think you're gonna take a nap with this one. It is outstandingly lush with layers of sonic goodness that can be noisy and then float worthy.
Recommended. What the hell you got going over there Basilisk?
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