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"V/A - Spectrum Analyzer: Analyzed By DJ. Dede

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Artist: Various

Title: Spectrum Analyzer: Analyzed by DJ Dede

Label: Spectrum Music

Date: May, 2002


1. Cakes & Pieces - Echotek

2. Activity - Atomic Pulse

3. Made Contact - Spectrum

4. Shaffeling - Shift

5. I'm Real - Atomic Pulse Vs. DJ Dede

6. Monster DNA (Remix) - Safi Connection

7. Gringos - Shift

8. Ilucid Dream - Atomic Pulse

9. Enable To Construct - Spectrum



I paid for this.




I actually paid money for it. Back when I was just discovering psytrance and gobbled up all the stuff I could find. I was routinely spending $300 bucks a month at Saikosounds for at least a year. So much so that with each $100 spent they let me have a free CD of my choice.


Listening to this right now is like comparing XBox Live with...f*ck I dunno...pong. This was when minimal was king and the full-on wave had yet to crest. There is just nothing here. Nothing. It's a desert devoid of changes in direction and layers. Recall back to a time when over 32 measures there were just incremental changes. A hi-hat there. A slight synth riff there. Maybe a small drum pattern change. Sure there's a cool K-Pax sample in Made Contact, but how long is that gonna hold you? Maybe to the Vanilla Sky sample in I'm Real? The stuttering Stanley sample from the Sixth Sense featured in Safi's Monster DNA remix? The fun back then was trying to remember what movie the sample was from. And most of the tracks have movie samples in them and they're used very well.


But musically?





All of the artists have grown in 11 years as you would expect and have composed much more detailed and interesting tracks.







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