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Psynews "Best of 2012" results

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Rotwang    323

Here are the results from the Psynews "Best of 2012" poll:

Link to results and discussion thread


Link to "voting thread" (closed)


The best 10 of each category are copied below (for the complete ranking, check the link above):

Best uptempo albums
1: Etnica - Live in Athens 1996 (DAT)
2: Mindsphere - Patience For Heaven (Suntrip)
3: Crossing Mind - The Inner Shift (Suntrip)
4: VA - Shaltu (Suntrip)
5: Kindzadza - Nano Ninja (Osom)
6: Solar Fields - Random Friday (Ultimae)
7: VA - Space of Power (Global Sect)
8: Agneton - Wizards from the Future (Sita)
9: Nova Fractal - Fractal Landscape (Ovnimoon)
10: VA - Flight 604 (Zion 604)

Best downtempo albums
1: E-Mantra - Silence (Altar)
2: Connect.Ohm - 9980 (Ultimae)
3: RA - Unearthly (Altar)
4: Sync24 - Comfortable Void (Ultimae)
5: Globular - A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (Omnitropic)
6: Aes Dana - Pollen (Ultimae)
7: VA - Conundrum Concoction (Dark Prisma)
8: Akshan - The Tree of Life (Altar)
9: Koan - Argonautica (Section)
10: Ishvara - Under a Hexagon Sky (Virtual)

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technosomy    261

that was so fast!

couple of surprises in the 10, but otherwise quite predictable

thanks for the effort

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