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VA - Luna Nova - Moontrip Records - Goa-Trance

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Today , February the 10th , it's a total new moon and such a perfect time to announce our first release 'Luna Nova' for this year 2013.

At Moontrip we bring you a fine selection of complete new talents and some already known ones among the Goa-Trance Scene.

So ladies & gentlemen we finally present you... LUNA NOVA - the first chapter from the magic of the Moon!


1 - Goamora - Bouncing Between Realms

2 - Jayex - United Sound Experience

3 - San-Kari - Muladhara

4 - PharaOm - Mastaba

5 - Sleeping Buddha - Acid Pyramidian

6 - Laughing Skull - Golgolet Beats Shiva

7 - Jayex - Jupiter

8 - Galactic Mantra - Temple of Cosmic Sun

9 - Faxi Nadu - Cry Life

Also available on CD.

For more info & prices :


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  • 10 months later...

apparently this release has been deleted? no more facebook or bandcamp page.. as well as official page on .com

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  • 2 years later...

apparently this release has been deleted? no more facebook or bandcamp page.. as well as official page on .com


Ye i was kinda fuked by suntrip because of the name and that shit put me off


Sad but fuck it... Getting facebook messages from suntrip and kinda telling me off because of the trip name fuking ridiculous and im not arsed for conflicts so i just let it go


People seemed eager to hear more but fuck it really

Never wanted any conflict going on with this anyways. Well that was it anyways. Ill avoid naming things with sun and trip i guess...

Fucked up scene like... Jesus Christ... :_(

Its like theres only room for one that kinda bullshit or we are ones that own goa i mean wat da fuck like.. Sure im keeping my distance fuck it and i apologise to those that were supporting moontrip. Thanks .


Brings some good memoriess but thrn suntrip just kinda stomped it all over... Goa today? Fuck it not worth it... Id rather give them the cake they so much wanted hope they are happy with that.. Wats da point anyways... Competitions n shit.. All this killed da vibe n spirit commercial bullshit... U get so envolved in it.. Things change im not blaming them... Its a hard world to be in i worked in it and i understand the commercialism label etc so... I let that go im just away and is probably best i keep it underground least for my things n myself included. All sudden fame n ppl talking bout me everywhere drives me insane too .. Not easy to handle n gotta have a strong mind to face lots of things specially when u see comments in foregn websites when ur name is there etc... Wondering why ppl are talking bout me instead of the projects n constantly getting insulted... Fuck all its not for me fame n fortune or watever it is. Thought today goa was better than that.. Ppl dont know it need more info or something... Most are just superficial bahhh.I still have some small belief n hope in it but thats for me im underground guy. Im just human afterall..ur god n that bullshit i dont need that. If i do something i know its good. Im not after praises on public acceptance or look at me all cool n this shit maybe i had some blame too but now i think its just plain... Childishh mennn ... Boke.like i seen many on facebook.. Fuck sake like... Thats all i can say at least. I do it for myself mostly because i like the music why should i go pleasing others like some circus freak or something for ppl to watch on talk make jokes... Dont want it. Its about the project the music not about me. Even tho somehow seems inevitable the ppl talking shit u know??? Thats wat fucjing sad!!Altho its easy to take things to heart when u done something with so much care n then u give it out to the wolves to fuck u up !!When did that shit happen u know?? Fuck peeps mentalities like!

Isnt that the point when ur creating something? The project , the music n then sure if ur really into it you can get to know the person that did it?

Fuck ppls mentalities seriously.. Tough shit if u dont get this ... All i gotta say mennnnn. Peace


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