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Galactic Mantra - Wings of Time EP


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Artist: Galactic Mantra

Title: Wings of Time EP

Label: ACP Records

Date: February, 2012


1. Dance With The Ancient

2. Gate of Light Spirits

3. Illusionary Rock

4. Lost Planet

5. Wings of Time


Eden Azulay is the mind behind this project released by Filipe Santos and his ACP Records label.


I could bullsh*t you and say that this great goa trance, that the melodies twist amongst each other bringing you to nirvana while weaving an intricate story.


But I would be lying. And I only lie to girls.


This is pretty boring and more of a notepad of ideas that seems unfinished. The 2 minute Illusionary Rock interlude? It has promise, but flesh that thing out and make a full track. The first two tracks were typical full-on that has been done 8 million times before. Which is surprising because Filipe (runs label) constantly preaches doing something different. The whole thing sounds rather generic.


Lost Planet isn't bad but it's length to idea ratio is way too high. Gotta trim the fat so to speak. Wings of Time is the best for me here as it approaches some Astral Projection greatness without reaching it. Melodic trance for sure.


But as always judge for yourselves, they were nice to make it a free release.


Free at ACP Records






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