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TIMECODE presents: VA "Android Wave compiled by Tickets

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Timecode is back :)



Title: Android Wave compiled by Tickets
Artist: Various
Label: Timecode
Catalogue: TCCD030
Format: JewelCase Audio CD /digital
Release: Feb/March 2013

1. Hujaboy & Tickets- Open Water (140 bpm)

2. Distant Touch - Power of Six (145 bpm)

3. Tickets & Terrafractyl - Welcome to the Zoo (144 bpm)

4. Audialize - The Doctor (147 bpm)

5. Android Spirit feat. Dillan M - April 2nd 1968 (146.5 bpm)

6. Lemurians - Expect the Unexpected (145 bpm)

7. Earworm & Tickets - Plastik (145 bpm)

8. Abomination and Android Spirit versus Constructor- Kiffen (146 bpm)

9. Menog - Drop of Water (145 bpm)

10. Sulima - Object 008 (146 bpm)

Mastered by Artifakt

Timecode is back and happy to announce it's 30th cd release. Android Wave is compiled
by no other then our longterm stallward Tickets. Ten surfable soundwaves by various artists from all over the blue planet. This release contains various onetime collaborations with Hujaboy,Terrafractyl, Earworm - the comeback of acts like Lemurians, Menog and Abomination who havent released on Timecode for a while, the introduction of Timecode's new act Android Spirit and others like Audialize, Distant Touch, Sulima, Dillan M and Constructor.
Summertime Jamrock filled with a lot of surprises, tested on various dancefloors will get you going like a looney lobster on paper. Keep an eye out for the Tickets and Android Spirit Album later this year.


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