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Cydonia - Mind Hunter EP


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Artist: Cydonia
Title: Mind Hunter EP
Label: Blue Room Released
Date: 1997

1. Mind Hunter
2. The Kiddy
3. Chrome Android

One of my favorite projects was Cydonia with their delightfully dark take on goa trance, they pulled off a monster of a debut album with In Fear of a Dark Planet. Shame they only made one album, but I recently came across this EP and couldn't wait to hear it. Mind Hunter was of course featured on Planet and is an evil evolving tale with sinister effects creating a symphonic nightmare.

It was the other two tracks that I have never heard before that had the 'ol dander up.

The Kiddy has its share of sharp leads and eerie atmosphere making it a track that would've felt right at home on their album. Chrome Android is a heavily techno influenced track that has its fingers in the psy and goa pie. Metallic melodies are present though as if the dark force responsible let a few get away. Or maybe it's a trap.

Their dark style reminds me of Syb Unity Nettwerk and goes down very smoothly. While the title track steals the show, the others are great as well.


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