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"V/A - Goa Trance Volume Six"

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Artist: Various
Title: Goa Trance Volume Six
Label: Rumour Records
Date: 1997

1. Project Oblivion - Conspiracy Theory
2. The Spirit - Sourmash
3. Drama - ManMadeMan
4. Alien Hitmen - Slide
5. Starkissed (Aroma Venus Mix) - The Secret
6. Crowd Nine - Eco
7. Abraxis - The Shining Path
8. Omnifarious Splifferous - Shamanic Tribes of Acid
9. Planet Bliss - Super Skunk
10. Spectre - Blue Book

The multi appendaged deity is back with the 6th installment of the Goa Trance series by Rumour Records. I think they got up to 7 in the series and if you've heard one of them then you know that they follow a formula. You get a couple of big names with well known hits and then drown them in a copious amount of mediocrity. The standouts for me were the ManMadeMan track Drama and Eco's Crowd Nine as the stormers here. Slide's Alien Hitmen is a close second with a crunchy technoish texture and the surprisingly good Abraxis unfolded with a lot of dark appeal.

The rest? Not very impressive and quite forgettable. Chances are good that you already have the good tracks so it's hardly necessary to own. However if you are a completionist like me then your damn OCD compels you to get this like the power of Christ would.


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